Self Caricature

About Marcus Sakoda

Marcus is a digital caricature artist.  He began drawing in the 3rd grade after seeing many of his family members drawing around him.

He grew up using the computer a lot, so naturally he wanted to use it as a tool for drawing.  Over the years, starting with the smallest and cheapest tablet, he taught himself to paint digitally through tutorials online.

After high school, Marcus went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he learned the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and illustration.  Those traditional skills transferred very well to his digital paintings. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration.

In 2010 Marcus began to focus on Caricatures.  Once again, he taught himself the art of caricature with every resource he could find online.

Marcus first attended the ISCA convention (Internation Society of Caricature Artists) in 2010.  There he was awarded 1st place Best Portfolio and 1st place Best Studio piece.  Other attendees were surprised by his photo realistic caricature renderings.

He attends ISCA every year and has yet to leave a convention without an award.

1st Place Best Studio Piece, 1st Place Best Portfolio

2nd Place Best Artist (Silver Nosey), 1st Place best caricature, 3rd Place best Portfolio, 1st Place Outstanding Color Technique, Guest of Honor Award


3rd Place Best Artist (Bronze Nosey), 2nd Place Best Caricature, 2nd Place Best Portfolio


2nd Place Best Artist (Silver Nosey), 1st Place Best Caricature, 9th Place Best Caricature, 10th Place Best Caricature, 3rd Place Outstanding Humor

Marcus also loves to show the process of his paintings through his Youtube Channel.