This is the work I created at the 2013 ISCA (International Societ of Caricature Artists) convention.

Manny and his trusty GoPro, 2013

This is Manny, and it was his first year at an ISCA con.  Everyone had to draw this guy, he walked away with over 30 drawings at least.  He was the last person I drew and I was very happy with how it turned out.  This piece got 1st place best caricature.

Allie and Jordan, 2014

This is Allie and Jordan, a caricature couple. This piece was inspired by Miley Cyrus's performance at the VMA's with Robin Thicke.  Allie had a similar haircut to Miley, and I overheard her drawing table listening to 'Wrecking Ball'.  I thought, why not throw in her husband, Jordan, and have a really fun illustration.  This piece got 9th place best caricature. 

Art Fight Champion, 2013

Art Fight Champion, 2013

This is Tom Faraci, and he won 2013's Art Fight competition.  He proudly wore the belt, and was my first drawing of the week.  I really enjoyed the concept of this piece.  This one won 10th place best caricature.

Jota the pyro hobbit, 2013

This is Jota Leal, the guest speaker from the 2013 ISCA.  During his seminar, he made constant references to how short he was, and said how much he liked to burn things.  I was either going to draw him as a smurf, or a hobbit, and I ended up going with the hobbit idea.

Scott Hamilton, 2013

And finally, Scott Hamilton.  He was jumping into his wife's seminar and doing a funny thing with a spinning hypno wheel.  He also advertised his iphone app, PaperTree, the logo which is in the background.  There was also a part in the presentation about space on a person's face and how you can fill it up with squares.

If you were there at the seminar, you'd understand all these things, but if you weren't, this is a bit confusing.

I had a ton of fun at the convention.  I got 3 of the top 10 best caricatures, as well as 2nd place best caricature artist.